The establishment 0f college



Department of Chemical Engineering and Technology


        Now the majors include fine chemical production technology, bio-chemical process, the application of chemical technology, chemical and pharmaceutical technology, security technology management (industrial safety technology), environmental monitoring and control technology, environmental monitoring and evaluation, water supply and drainage engineering, industrial analysis and inspection, and food nutrition testing, food processing technology, environmental monitoring and governance, of which fine chemicals production technology professional is regarded as the provincial professional brand, bio-chemical process as the characteristics of Jiangsu Province, security technology management as the provincial Specialty Construction Site; besides, it has a national training base , 1 provincial research centers, 2 municipal Institutes, financial support of which are from Central government and provincial government; School training site has reached 30,000 square meters, having more than 3,000 million training equipment to meet all kinds of professional training requirements based on the teaching of the chemical engineering class.