The establishment 0f college



Department of Electrical Engineering Technology


        Now the majors contains "mold design and manufacturing, numerical control technology, mechanical manufacturing and automation, computer-aided design and manufacturing, numerical control equipment application and maintenance, mechanical manufacturing and automation (process equipment manufacturing and automation), the application of electronic technology, mechatronics, electrical automation technology, vehicle inspection and maintenance technology, automotive technology, communication technology "The “Technology Institute of mechanical and electrical engineering “was established in 2006, with the approval of the Bureau of Science and Technology of Xuzhou, moreover, it was awarded as continuing education program training base of "653 Project" by the Federation of Machinery Industry in Jiangsu Province in 2009. The training base of the department was appraised as “advanced manufacturing and automation technology” by Education Department of Jiangsu Province. In recent years, college students participate in various competitions and were awarded the prizes many times, including the first prize in “national three-dimensional digital modeling Competition; Many prizes in “Mechanical innovative design contest ,Jiangsu Province”, “National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest in 2005 and 2009” ;“College robot competition in Jiangsu Province”,“ College robot innovative competition” and so on.