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Department of Information Management Technology


        Currently the majors includes "computer application technology, computer network technology, software technology, e-commerce, logistics management, animation design and production, computer art and design, real estate management and valuation, international trade practices, tourism management, hotel management, marketing, accounting and auditing " There are 32 teachers engaged in Information Technology majors, 26 of whom own master scholarship. 7 associate professors, 19 lecturers; There are 29 teachers engaged in commercial and service majors, 23 of whom own master scholarship. 4 associate professors, 20 lecturers. Since the beginning of 2009, the department have been established a new direction on the basis of the research and demonstration of “Things Internet” , that is: try to meet with the capacity needs and professionals demand in the fields of engineering, construction, installation, commissioning, system integration, embedded design, engineering and technical application platform construction according to industry development and application of personnel positions, relying on the regional advantages of the Xuzhou Construction Machinery Industry and logistics industry.