Major Specialities


 (11)Application of electronic technology


        Training objectives:  to master the basic theory of professional knowledge and the necessary preliminary knowledge of social entrepreneurship; basic capabilities of Electronic technology professional, the professional knowledge of and skills to analyze the practical ability to solve practical problems, gathering and processing some information, updating of knowledge, language, computer skills; Has a good work ethic, dedication and innovative spirit to meet the needs of socialist construction.

        Main jobs: testing and organization of electronic product assembly, testing, production line of electronic products, use and maintenance of new equipment and technology, research and experimental work in tertiary institutions;the quality control of the management quality of electronic products and electronic products production process ;Electronics repair, sales and after-sale technical service work;Technical operations and management of production line of consumer electronics, automotive electronics;Technical operations and management of the production line of electronic products and manufacturing, electronic marketing industry.




        Training objectives:  to develop a certain political quality and professional ethics, to master the basic knowledge of machinery and electronics products design, manufacture and skills to use modern mechanical theory of electronic technology in machinery and electronics products design manufacture maintenance and management of related technologies.

        The field of employment:  mainly for the production line, has engaged in work of precision mechanical and electrical design, commissioning, testing, operation and maintenance of installed; management post can be applied in the general field of Mechanical and electrical design automation, quality inspection, technology transfer of technology.


 (13)Electrical automation technology


        Training objectives: a certain political quality and good professionalism, higher and technical personnel who master the professional knowledge and skills of electrical automation technology, the application of a combination of strong, weak and computer control technology.

        field of employment:  graduates mainly engaged in electricity, electrical or related professional design, production, application and other aspects of the work, to engage in industrial enterprises in electrical equipment, power systems, electrical equipment design, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance, etc. the corresponding technical management, production management and quality management.


 (14)Automobile Inspection and Maintenance Technology


        Training objectives:  to develop a certain political qualities and good professionalism, advanced engineering technology professionals working in the field of vehicle maintenance, vehicle testing, vehicle inspection, vehicle quality assessment, sales of automobiles and automobile manufacturing and related technical and management companies

        The field of employment: graduates in the professional maintenance company for automotive, transportation and maintenance of enterprise operations management department, automobile manufacturers and their technical services department, motor vehicle inspection stations and other administrative departments in the automotive performance testing and detection, vehicle maintenance, troubleshooting, quality assessment and technology development, automotive marketing and management.


(15)Automotive Technology


        the training objectives:  the ability to grasp the basic theoretical knowledge of the basic fundamentals of the structure automotive, automotive electrical and electronic control technology, deal with the problems about automotive electrical and electronic control device failure analysis and the ability to determine troubleshooting in automobile production and maintenance.

        Employment orientation: Graduates may engage in the performance test and test automotive electronics, automotive maintenance, troubleshooting, quality assessment and technology development, automotive marketing and management.