Major Specialities


 (16)Communications technology


        Training objectives: the professional communications technology for communications and information industry of China's manufacturing, services enterprises as well as communication. And information-related areas of front-line positions, develop a good moral character and professional ethics, in hardware circuit analysis and repair, mobile and optical communication transmission, computer communication interface programming, communications and networking technology, e-EDA design, MCU application development basic knowledge and basic skills, can successfully enter the communications field corresponding positions of employment, engaging in serial port application development and design, build and maintain computer networks, PBX networking and network maintenance, EDA electronic design, microcontroller application development and other related occupations.

        Employment orientation: equipment management and maintenance staff of communication product applications department ;Services, management and equipment maintenance personnel of business communications services sectors;Network maintenance and management;communication terminal equipment inspection and maintenance;the technical staff and management positions of communications products manufacturing;Communication products, sales and service personnel Communication project design, construction and site commissioning;the technical staff of other communication-related departments.


(17)Applied Computer Technology


        Training objectives: With a solid theoretical computer virtual reality, to master the necessary basic theory and professional knowledge, with strong foreign language proficiency, basic computer operation capacity, the designing capacity of multimedia material production, capacity of virtual reality project development, static web design and development capabilities, have a good professional quality to meet the needs of socialist construction.

        The direction of employment: Virtual reality computer engineer;computer design and multimedia works editorial staff;enterprises operation and management of computer systems;other jobs of computer application skills.


(18)Computer Network Technology


        Training objectives: The professional training aims at computer equipment and systems repair and maintenance, computer networks, design, installation, operation, management and maintenance.After graduation students can successfully enter the corresponding positions of employment of the IT field small-scale application development, computer network set -up and maintenance, general site construction, with a certain overall quality of higher technical and specialization.

        the direction of employment: Computer Network Engineering (including intelligent building cabling, network systems integration);network construction and management of enterprise;network-centric enterprises and information center network maintenance and management;Computer Networks, Network Equipment technical maintenance and sales;Other applications of computer.


 (19)Software technology


        Training objectives: The graduates are demanded equipped with a strong software development and application skills, good structured programming theory, a grasp of basic knowledge of algorithms, with a strong logic programming capabilities; Have a solid database management theory, knowledge of database development techniques, with database development and management capabilities; WEB development with technical theory, to grasp the basic knowledge of WEB development, with a WEB project development capabilities; Have a solid foundation. master Internet technology line theory,NET application development and technical knowledge,Java technology series with a solid theoretical, technical knowledge to master the Java. Capable of software systems development, application, maintenance, technical consulting and sales, etc., to adapt to the development of IT industry.

        Employment orientation: database development engineer;JAVA software development engineer;NET software development engineer;NET software development engineer;the computer center of enterprises and institutions , the software development, maintenance and software services of network management center.




        Training objectives: The graduates are demanded equipped with good moral character and professional ethics, to master certain economic, management, information science and technology and marketing knowledge, with the theory of e-commerce, with a certain standard of English and law, business knowledge, with the network technology, e-commerce site planning and building, network marketing and marketing management, online trading, ERP applications, office automation, business operations, correspondence in English writing skills, able to successfully enter the appropriate e-commerce jobs employment to meet the international, the development trend of information technology needs.

        Employment orientation: Planning and management of e-commerce, e-commerce operations;positions of e-commerce promote business;e-commerce project management positions; sales positions;network marketing business positions;market planning and marketing positions;customer service management positions;e-commerce information collection, analysis, publishing jobs;e-commerce site construction, management and maintenance positions; production and operation management positions;international trade positions.