Major Specialities



(21)Logistics Management


        the training objectives: Handle solid theories of management, economics, ERP principles and applications, storage management practices, the theoretical foundation of supply chain management. Have a wide knowledge of modern logistics management in warehouse management, logistics management, logistics equipment management, transportation management, inventory control, and container and other aspects of the technology, with capabilities of marketing, customer relationship management and market development, both for cargo transportation, warehousing, distribution and other on-site organization management and operation of modern logistics equipment.

        Employment orientation: third-party logistics companies engaged in warehousing, distribution, transportation and other aspects of the work.;logistics center engaged in cargo sorting, cargo monitoring and other aspects of the work.;logistics management in supermarket;logistics and distribution center of production enterprise;container transportation, loading and unloading operations and other aspects of the work;logistics and customs declaration, inspection and other work;logistics information and logistics enterprises and other relevant institutions and community groups engaged in related work.


(22)Animation design and production


        Training objectives: Graduates are demanded to be equipped with a solid film and television animation and design related theories, which combined film and television animation industry to understand the basic process of animation. Master two-dimensional hand-drawn animation techniques and can combine various types of animation software for the mainstream film and television animation techniques, hand-painted with a solid performance, space, perspective modeling, animation design, scene design. Handle the ability to have a good grasp of the basic law of motion animation and various people, animals, anatomy and proportion, with the use of computers and new media art .

        Employment orientation: animation business writer, animation artists and designers, animation, background ;design, animation composition teacher, animation designers, teachers and other late ;effectsmedia advertising company or television artists, video post-editing, effects compositing job;Business Planning Department: corporate video production, corporate image media planning positions;multimedia art studio, animation studio professional and technical positions.


 (23)Computer Art and Design


        the training objectives: The profession is related to computer art and design production line jobs. Students should handle a certain amount of professional knowledge, with a strong practical ability to successfully enter the IT and related fields of employment, in graphic design, multimedia and web design production, advertising design, VI design, packaging design, book binding and layout design work.

        Employment orientation: advertising, color printing center, photo agency, manufacturing, service industries and other enterprises engaged in computer art and design work.;publishers, magazines, television stations and other enterprises engaged in multimedia art and design work;animation production company, exhibition design, architecture and environmental design engineering companies and other enterprises engaged in computer art and design work.


 (24)A real estate management and valuation


        the training objectives: making strong language skills, writing fluency; Proficiency in operating computers and other modern office equipment; Familiar with China's real estate development and real estate property management related policies and regulations, with a solid, systematic theory of the real estate business and management knowledge and skills, learn how to do the process. With property management, property management software applications, and real estate marketing capabilities. Also has some innovative spirit and strong practical ability to adapt to changes in professional positions, to adapt to technological progress and social development.

        the direction of employment: Suitable for real estate development, management, management of the planning and management work; In the real estate company engaged in real estate development, marketing; Companies engaged in various types of real estate property real estate property management; In various real estate company engaged in real estate budget and evaluation.


 (25)International Trade Practice


        the training objectives: To strengthen foreign language proficiency and professional skills development focus, through the Business English, EDI, document production and other practical training and with the cooperation of a number of Foreign Trade Co., Ltd., to develop proficiency in foreign expertise to grasp the import and export business processes and operations, international financial and settlement, marketing and planning, e-commerce theory, practical and relevant knowledge and proficiency in a foreign language, foreign trade with the actual business operations and market planning ability, familiarity with modern e-commerce application technology.

        Employment orientation: Enterprises engaged in foreign trade import and export management; Enterprises engaged in import and export customs declaration, customs taxes and other full-time staff work; Foreign trade enterprises or companies engaged in grassroots administrative and financial management; Foreign trade companies or businesses engaged in Customs-related work.