Major Specialities



 (26)Tourism Management


        the training objectives: Familiar with the professional development of China's tourism management principles, policies and regulations, with the star service philosophy and modern tourism, marketing and other aspects of knowledge and ability, with a solid system of theoretical knowledge and skills in tourism management, with a strong organization coordination, analysis and problem-solving ability.

        Employment orientation: Engaged in the tourism sector, tourism management at all levels of management, Engaged in tourism planning and management of business travel; Work in the travel guide, tourism marketing efforts; Part-time business manager and tour guide; Engaged in various types of travel planning and public relations and advertising production; In modern hotel management and catering management.


(27)Hotel Management


        the training objectives: With a solid system of hotel management theory, knowledge and ability, have strong organizational skills, analytical and problem-solving ability, to master modern hotel and catering business management theoretical knowledge and skills, modern hotel and catering business planning, site management, reception services, financial management skills, adapt to the hotel and catering industry production, management and service.

        Employment orientation: Star hotels, upscale restaurants, hotel-style commercial buildings and related tourism enterprises, engaged in hospitality services, public relations and marketing, and other relevant primary services; In star hotels, upscale restaurants, hotel-style commercial buildings and related tourism businesses in the primary management; Engaged in the hotel industry, catering industry, tourist attractions, entertainment and other planning, operation and management; Engaged in travel on passenger reception and management.


 (28)Business English


        the training objectives: With a solid foundation and broader scientific and cultural knowledge; Have some knowledge of the socialist market economic theory advanced technology talent, familiar with the party and the relevant national policies, laws, knowledge and understanding of national trade standards; Work with trade expertise to master the basic operations of international trade and economic activities and specific aspects of the operation; With skilled use of foreign languages and foreign reception, handling business correspondence and contracts the ability to accurately translate the general economic information, etc., in foreign companies, foreign affairs, trade, culture, education, research and other departments engaged in translation, research and management work.

        Employment orientation: Suitable for foreign trade, foreign or foreign-related work-oriented units, foreign business people; Work in enterprises and institutions engaged in writing and file management; In enterprises and institutions from business planning; Companies engaged in various marketing and management.


(29)Tourism English


        the training objectives: Students can grasp the basic theory of tourism, with a solid foundation in English language and fluent speaking skills, proficient in tourism expertise, a strong innovative capacity, innovative spirit and practical ability, and has higher human qualities and scientific spirit, in tourism enterprises, foreign-related hotel and relevant government departments in the guide, translation, reception and management of foreign affairs work.

        Employment orientation: International Travel Management positions and general staff positions; Guide the company's management positions and tour guide jobs; Star tourist hotel management positions and general staff positions; International Exhibition jobs international visitors; Management of tourist attractions and tour guide job sector jobs; Foreign secretarial positions; Tourism management agencies at all levels of administrator positions.